Digging a Shallow Well

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Digging a shallow well from dowsing to digging to capping. This shallow well will provide water for our bees and supporting plants. This dig uses a modified hand auger and took about 4 hours to complete (17 feet with nearly 4 feet of water).

Through Seymour's permission I add a link to their auger product line here - https://seymourmidwest.com/augers
Use code: TigerCreek20 for a 20% discount
NOTE: The replacement auger for the AUA2 (adjustable from 6-8 inches) like I am using is now called the Seymour S500 Industrial Iwan-Adjustable Auger SKU: 21326 - and can be found here - https://seymourmidwest.com/21326

Your well "parts list" -

Auger and extensions for digging hole


4 bags (approx) of Pea Gravel - surrounds outside of casing pipe in hole

1 bag Quickrete - seals around top of well

Casing Pipe
4 inch PVC Pipe - length = depth of well plus 3 feet
4 inch PVC Cap - bottom of casing pipe (optional)
4 inch PVC Flange - top of casing pipe for mounting pump
Use saw to cut slots for water entry at water level and below.

Water Pipe
1 inch PVC - length = one foot from bottom of well to pump
1 inch Couplers if needed
1 inch to 1 1/4 inch PVC Threaded Adapter - need 2 - one for pump/one for foot valve
Brass Foot Valve 1 1/4 inch - bottom of water pipe

PVC Primer/Cement

Teflon Tape - to seal pipe threads at foot valve and pump

Pitcher Pump - consider purchasing “Certified Lead Free”

Board to mount pump

Screws to mount pump to board


Tape Measure or String for Water Depth

Wrenches for pipe fittings

Saw to cut PVC and slot casing pipe

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