Dust collection adapters shop vac to PVC made fast on the table saw

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How to make adapters from 2" PVC pipe. These are great for shop vac dust collection or anything else. If you've ever wanted to use 2" PVC with your shop vac you will probably have to make your own adapters because there isn't one to purchase that I know of. If there is one it will most likely cost an arm and maybe a leg too. There are many ways to integrate PVC into your wet dry shop vac setup such as using a heat gun to manipulate some PVC into an adapter or even just simply using tape or something more primitive to attach the different fittings. The method I share in this video is nice because you can repeatedly make a perfect adapters in a short time and dry fit the parts to build a system that can be changed and reconfigured at will.

There are a few precautions that must be taken in order to do this operation safely. You must be fully aware of the blade height at all times. I do this by counting the revolutions and this will vary depending on your saw. You must also apply downward pressure on the pipe as the blade furthers the cut or the pipe could possibly move in an unwanted direction. You need to dial in the amount to remove and be sure to lower the blade before moving the fence for adjustments. It works best to only remove 1/8" of material at a time. If you try to remove more than this the blade may bind and not only will the cut not be smooth or straight but also some bad sh*t could happen. This operation is not recommended for beginners on the table saw. If you are not comfortable with this operation it would be best to have someone who is to make these adapters for you. This operation is probably not going to get approval by the safety police and I fully expect a few of them to dislike this video and red flag the concept.

Making the plug with the carriage bolt to spin the piece of pipe with the cordless drill definitely sped up the process and keeps your hands further from the blade. I recommend this method but it is "critical" that the bolt is centered when attached to the plug so the pipe spins properly balanced.

I also wanted to mention the easiest way to cut the hole of coarse would be with a big drill bit or a hole saw. Possibly a 2 3/8" if the pipe fit's tightly. I didn't have a 2 3/8" hole saw and my largest Forstner bit is 2 1/8". It is much easier to sneak up on the circle with a spindle sander and that is how I would prefer to have done it but I thought it would be more helpful to show that it could be done with only a jigsaw. That hole took a few minutes to make!

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